13 November 2012


First on the list of my angels which are all different is a green/gold angel she's $12 plus postage! Travels well.. made very plain and simple and poseable on a shelf wherever you are, as a gift or stocking filler shes perfect....a real Madam...sweet angel with gold tinsel wings...


Have dressed a large Pedigree a walker, repainted her face taking away the faded white look of the early plastic, added to her real hair I don't believe in stripping off the wig if possible I like the doll when she first came out of the factory, most didn't have clothing on them they were the cheaper dolls, I still remember dressing my doll Mary........the only doll I had although this is not Mary..

12 November 2012


Have been dressing more dolls this time a Celluloid large doll fixed it up and repainted the doll then sprayed with a paint fix to preserve it. Noticed that the early form of plastic (celluloid) is slowly breaking down so a covering makes it much stronger and wear the time longer........This is a very popular baby doll and the size of a baby that they used to put baby clothing on. I have put on her/him a real christening outfit to pose like they did many many years ago in department stores......like Anthony Hordens, Mark Foyes but this dress is in today's modern fashion and the OLD WORLD creating a new fashion simple and elegant.....you don't need to iron it just wash it and when dry put it back on....You can use the outfit for a SPECIAL CHRISTENING ocasion fitting a baby from 0-6months.......

31 October 2012


Finally after looking on the internet for what people want I found the last material in bits and pieces I have sewn on many dolls years ago.  This time it is a cream crushed tafetta crushed very finely and easy to maintain no ironing.....just hand or machine wash put on the line to dry and put it straight back onto the doll.

At first the design was boring just with the panel on the front and some lace I found a wide lace and looking on the heirlooms of the internet I stitched the lace on the yoke like Bat wings or a large frill catching it at the waste and tying it up with ribbon and letting the tails hang.  It reminded me of a butterfly so I digitised a butterfly my first try handyed it and I sewed it onto the front yoke to add colour and interest of the old world without spoiling too much of the cream. I stitched the same wide lace at the bottom of the dress making it very long and old world....She also has a petticoat, and hat to match the outfit and bootees to follow on order..


full length sleeping

I have pulled out all the baby dolls I guess they have been stale or people cannot see what they look like. Sugar Britches is my all time favourite she came out many many years ago when the doll game was new and

sleeping pose

exciting.  Shes simple, a sleeping babe to me its a lovely doll to put on the bed sleeping away, an awake doll I prefer in the cabinet.. Lots of people in this modern world don't put much on their bed but rubbish and their rooms to me don't look inviting or interesting...I still remember going into places of years ago although some were cluttered some were so so pretty and very interesting... I guess these days people do go into their bedrooms and close them off completely hiding away the interest, showing off their places of living so they are not talking points.  I don't believe in over cluttering things but I a home is your heart memories of yesterday, today and maybe tomorrows......A home is only while you live on this earth to enjoy the fruits of living.......

sitting position

handmade artist name on body for authenicity

tummy pose

18 August 2012


Display in Barn, small dolls  (Milettes) (from left to right) Silver (AT) Shandele Bru, Screamer Jumeau, EJ Jumeau, Kalie Steiner, Dolin (Jumeau) small bears 3", Tinee Babe german 6"baby, Musical carousel horses, teapot in cup,
tea cup fairy on shelf edge, tiny tiny fairies in tubes....


Poor Barbie SES doll she disappeared in the mail. Bad Lesson learnt that you must register mail seems to me that someone had taken it or it fell somewhere and no-one is looking!!! Such despair, its not the money I told the client I would gladly refund the money with no regrets! But he saw the doll he was giving to his girlfriend for a birthday present....At first I just couldn't do it but then I slowly, so slowly picked up the pattern and started to draw it out going step by step putting the striping on (reflector tape) then the pockets aligning them here and there....I was so so lucky to be able to buy another doll I actually went grocery shopping and I saw the same doll. I went back as soon as three weeks had passed and not a word. I couldn't find it, then out the back they found the only one dark haired doll left!! I hand sewed the badges all on large one the front pocket, one on each sleeve and the large SES on the back I made buttons and loops with thread closing the pocket flaps. Miniature work or small is very hard and takes up so much time. I put the velcro to the front closing it up so that it sat right with the colar. Once I was pleased with the results I had to sew up one side opening to sew the pocket on the leg seams near the knee up. then I could sew the whole lot up neatening the seams so it wouldn't fray.

At last the suit was finished!

With this doll I did score a pair of sunglasses I thought was appropriate to hold the cap on which I made to look complete. Then the flag as ordered......Now the doll is finally finished. I forgot to add she has underwear on as well......

                                   FINALLY SHES FINISHED! as ordered....
The side pocket on the right leg as well like the picture he had sent for me to copy or get an idea.....

27 July 2012


Starting to plough through boxes finishing things off. At first I thought should throw them out but then looking at them I thought that something can be done with them instead of getting rid of them. I looked at some materials I had so many of them and seem to be buying more and more especially if they are so pretty. I found a material not much of it with pics of horses on them. I decided to make a quilt for a travelling hoseman/lady with a pillow to rest and of course I will have to make eye mask if they are on a plane or somewhere where they need peace and quiet to catch a bit of shut eye what a lovely gift it would make!It's a lap quilt with my little doggie Belle posing beside it, folded into a pillow/quillo, and I made an
extra pillow to lie on that all fits into the quillo pocket in the back of the quilt that the whole quilt folds into......


Another order from WA a gentleman wanting a doll made up as a chef for his daughter's graduation as a a 10" fully Porcelain Shirley Temple doll. It had to have the hair colour and what his daughter had like the

Barbies of today dressed in different occasions same with the little Shirley.... Order was Chef Bri 2012 was to be on the shirt, double breasted, checkered black and white trousers pants, darkish hair black shoes, and a chef hat held in the hand. I left the netting on the head to hold the hair which Chef's wore too also to protect the wig!


Another order for a vintage doll to be dressed to give to grand niece. She just wanted the doll to look appealing. What to do in this day and age, I looked through the web and had an idea of a nursery rhyme

character to suit doll. Little Bo-Beep.
Here she is up close seems the outfit suits her. A lovely memory of a nursery time of that era. She would make a pleasant display in the loungeroom as a talking point especially if you had grandchildren that visited...