13 November 2012


First on the list of my angels which are all different is a green/gold angel she's $12 plus postage! Travels well.. made very plain and simple and poseable on a shelf wherever you are, as a gift or stocking filler shes perfect....a real Madam...sweet angel with gold tinsel wings...


Have dressed a large Pedigree a walker, repainted her face taking away the faded white look of the early plastic, added to her real hair I don't believe in stripping off the wig if possible I like the doll when she first came out of the factory, most didn't have clothing on them they were the cheaper dolls, I still remember dressing my doll Mary........the only doll I had although this is not Mary..

12 November 2012


Have been dressing more dolls this time a Celluloid large doll fixed it up and repainted the doll then sprayed with a paint fix to preserve it. Noticed that the early form of plastic (celluloid) is slowly breaking down so a covering makes it much stronger and wear the time longer........This is a very popular baby doll and the size of a baby that they used to put baby clothing on. I have put on her/him a real christening outfit to pose like they did many many years ago in department stores......like Anthony Hordens, Mark Foyes but this dress is in today's modern fashion and the OLD WORLD creating a new fashion simple and elegant.....you don't need to iron it just wash it and when dry put it back on....You can use the outfit for a SPECIAL CHRISTENING ocasion fitting a baby from 0-6months.......