31 October 2012


full length sleeping

I have pulled out all the baby dolls I guess they have been stale or people cannot see what they look like. Sugar Britches is my all time favourite she came out many many years ago when the doll game was new and

sleeping pose

exciting.  Shes simple, a sleeping babe to me its a lovely doll to put on the bed sleeping away, an awake doll I prefer in the cabinet.. Lots of people in this modern world don't put much on their bed but rubbish and their rooms to me don't look inviting or interesting...I still remember going into places of years ago although some were cluttered some were so so pretty and very interesting... I guess these days people do go into their bedrooms and close them off completely hiding away the interest, showing off their places of living so they are not talking points.  I don't believe in over cluttering things but I a home is your heart memories of yesterday, today and maybe tomorrows......A home is only while you live on this earth to enjoy the fruits of living.......

sitting position

handmade artist name on body for authenicity

tummy pose

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful dolls and the clothes are fabulous.