27 July 2012


Starting to plough through boxes finishing things off. At first I thought should throw them out but then looking at them I thought that something can be done with them instead of getting rid of them. I looked at some materials I had so many of them and seem to be buying more and more especially if they are so pretty. I found a material not much of it with pics of horses on them. I decided to make a quilt for a travelling hoseman/lady with a pillow to rest and of course I will have to make eye mask if they are on a plane or somewhere where they need peace and quiet to catch a bit of shut eye what a lovely gift it would make!It's a lap quilt with my little doggie Belle posing beside it, folded into a pillow/quillo, and I made an
extra pillow to lie on that all fits into the quillo pocket in the back of the quilt that the whole quilt folds into......


Another order from WA a gentleman wanting a doll made up as a chef for his daughter's graduation as a a 10" fully Porcelain Shirley Temple doll. It had to have the hair colour and what his daughter had like the

Barbies of today dressed in different occasions same with the little Shirley.... Order was Chef Bri 2012 was to be on the shirt, double breasted, checkered black and white trousers pants, darkish hair black shoes, and a chef hat held in the hand. I left the netting on the head to hold the hair which Chef's wore too also to protect the wig!


Another order for a vintage doll to be dressed to give to grand niece. She just wanted the doll to look appealing. What to do in this day and age, I looked through the web and had an idea of a nursery rhyme

character to suit doll. Little Bo-Beep.
Here she is up close seems the outfit suits her. A lovely memory of a nursery time of that era. She would make a pleasant display in the loungeroom as a talking point especially if you had grandchildren that visited...