09 April 2017

Collectable Porcelain Doll "Hilda"

One of Nataschas latest creations is sweet little porcelain doll which is a reproduction German Kestner doll called Hilda. Natascha poured and fired this 25cm doll , crafting her shape very carefully along with meticulously painting the body and face to create a very collectable item.
To dress the doll Natascha chose crochetted pantaloons and cotton petticoat with lace trim. The dress she crochetted in a dusty pink batiste cotton with a soft pink beret and shoes (with clay soles). The hair is fashioned from mohair dyed coffee brown along with crochetted socks. As an added artistic touch Natascha hand felted a bear to finish the works.
This and other dolls may be viewed on www.curiozityshop.com.au

Doll Repairs Itallian Vintage Doll

As part of our services we carry out DOLL REPAIRS. A recent request to repair and dress a vintage plastic doll was an interesting task which we would like to share with you.
This doll was a post war "Italian" plastic in reasonable condition. We started by stripping the doll and restringing it to enable movement and strength to display quality clothing.
Her hair was intact but needed cleaning and resetting with curlers which when released gave a nice kink to the hair as well as allow her new hat to sit nocely on her head. The doll was cleaned and paint touch up as required to smooth the appearance of the doll.
Dressing than began . We designed suitable underware with flaied petticoat to allow the dress to flow outward. The client chose a base colour od pink which we took liberty to emphasise the colours to make a statement and create a greater value to the doll. Good quality cotton fabric was used (as for quilts we do) in a design by Nataschas Dolls just for this doll (one of a kind). The design we used was a reflection on styles of the past to capture the era of the dolls age.
The hat was styled in a peasant bonnet style made specially for this doll so as to fit the hair and face.
Finally the doll had her face painted in an emphasis mode to give character and accentuate the European era.
We believe we have added considerable value to this doll, we may be viewed on Curiozityshop.com.au