15 December 2017


I just can't get away from my Label the Dolly Lady. People bring me dolls and I have to resurrect them. I really do think of what to do. It may not be the very best but at least they are still alive to tell their story. They have to be looked after with Utter care or else they do die and so does the history of the past.  What is the word ugly.... looking in the Dictionary of years ago it meant cute.... so what does it mean to many people today? When I look at how something was preloved and then handed down to their loved ones, people say oh my why don't you throw it out it's UGLY!

Well here are two dolls I thought resurrected. The mother gave it to her daughter who put it away, then one day going through the boxes she too gave it to her loved one. The loved ones child dropped it, making the mother feel guilty, she didn't want the older woman her mother seeing what happened to her beloved doll. The only doll she had every owned as a child.....I know my mum had a porcelain doll given to her in the late'20's when she was a child and when she played with it a neighbourly girl wreathed it from her arms and the poor thing went flying into the air and hit the ground hard....
I know my mum never got over it? I had only one doll given to me an English Pedigree, I called Mary I still have and my four daughters find her UGLY! That is why I love to do this kind of Artwork turn something UGLY into something Beautiful...
Broken doll moving eyes broken in pieces had to be reset the mama was added by someone and not the the right size

Head painted too streaky the cheeks

put layers on, between a glazed layer cannot be heated or glue will melt

The doll is finished the eys are as was they do move at least you cannot see the breaks does blend very well also created teeth with cold porcelain... could do more hair but it would show up marks.... 

09 April 2017

Collectable Porcelain Doll "Hilda"

One of Nataschas latest creations is sweet little porcelain doll which is a reproduction German Kestner doll called Hilda. Natascha poured and fired this 25cm doll , crafting her shape very carefully along with meticulously painting the body and face to create a very collectable item.
To dress the doll Natascha chose crochetted pantaloons and cotton petticoat with lace trim. The dress she crochetted in a dusty pink batiste cotton with a soft pink beret and shoes (with clay soles). The hair is fashioned from mohair dyed coffee brown along with crochetted socks. As an added artistic touch Natascha hand felted a bear to finish the works.
This and other dolls may be viewed on www.curiozityshop.com.au

Doll Repairs Itallian Vintage Doll

As part of our services we carry out DOLL REPAIRS. A recent request to repair and dress a vintage plastic doll was an interesting task which we would like to share with you.
This doll was a post war "Italian" plastic in reasonable condition. We started by stripping the doll and restringing it to enable movement and strength to display quality clothing.
Her hair was intact but needed cleaning and resetting with curlers which when released gave a nice kink to the hair as well as allow her new hat to sit nocely on her head. The doll was cleaned and paint touch up as required to smooth the appearance of the doll.
Dressing than began . We designed suitable underware with flaied petticoat to allow the dress to flow outward. The client chose a base colour od pink which we took liberty to emphasise the colours to make a statement and create a greater value to the doll. Good quality cotton fabric was used (as for quilts we do) in a design by Nataschas Dolls just for this doll (one of a kind). The design we used was a reflection on styles of the past to capture the era of the dolls age.
The hat was styled in a peasant bonnet style made specially for this doll so as to fit the hair and face.
Finally the doll had her face painted in an emphasis mode to give character and accentuate the European era.
We believe we have added considerable value to this doll, we may be viewed on Curiozityshop.com.au

04 January 2017

Have a couple of items for sale to Blog .... Farm sitting till daughter is finished with the By-pass.
till the time comes I am going to do the markets and Fairs advertising myself and letting people see what I am doing....
Dolls Sugar Britches with eyes open and Sugar Britches with eyes closed and Baby Gloria

Quillo for child to go to Grandmas overnight or travel with. It is appliqued with Funky Chickens.
Cot size large than a normal travelling quillo, but large enough for cot size or staying over wanting a sleep. Includes separate pillow and folds into a bag you can include your Pyjamas when you stay over. Handy too for an old Person in a home or sitting in a chair watching TV.. Very colourful and easy to wash....Sewn on machine and drawn (freemotioned) around the chickens...

 Quillo folded into a bag with pillow (Pyjamas) ready to travel/visit on overnight stays....
Sewn Collage, stamped, free-motioned, trims, applique, button, stappled to canvas frame....

02 January 2017

Happy New Year 2017

I am at the farm contemplating what to do. I had a lot of trouble finding my Blogger, oooh the thought of losing it made me realise how important a Blogger can be and for me to work on it.

2016 had been a tough year indeed. Actually a mother's nightmare but that is another story at least I can sort my creativities out and build a business that I enjoy and have been given a gift so that I can I suppose we cannot have everything perfect in this life. It certainly is a challenge though... I still miss my little Belle at least I did experience a love of a creature my second daughter didn't want and her mate Brucie who died earlier in May so suddenly but she just wouldn't go she loved us so... she gave us the love that my daughter could never show or give....this little creature gave it all.....

It still beaks my heart how the last days she lost all her fur, so painfully thin but she still wanted to be near us, when we warmed up the food her head popped up and she got up waiting, she was blind but she still enjoyed it, even sucking on chicken bones till the last weekend before we came down to the farm she had, had enough and we knew.................... God rest her little soul how strong and loving such a creature of God was to make our lives so worthwhile, such a loss, we have had many dogs, many even Brucie we loved them all but this creature was so damn special yet the day I first saw her I thought my daughter mad to buy this stupid little yappy creatures, little did I know they would tug at heart strings so...... REST IN PEACE sweet Belle I always used to sing to her RING MY BELLE? Even when she was so sick, and when she had the pancreatic attack in Jan, she was on tubes and such in the Vet Hospital ...she fought so hard for her life to live another 11 months........she rang our Bell.....

Am working on my site, bloggers and FB media...........learning how to bring them together......will be in touch....