31 October 2012


Finally after looking on the internet for what people want I found the last material in bits and pieces I have sewn on many dolls years ago.  This time it is a cream crushed tafetta crushed very finely and easy to maintain no ironing.....just hand or machine wash put on the line to dry and put it straight back onto the doll.

At first the design was boring just with the panel on the front and some lace I found a wide lace and looking on the heirlooms of the internet I stitched the lace on the yoke like Bat wings or a large frill catching it at the waste and tying it up with ribbon and letting the tails hang.  It reminded me of a butterfly so I digitised a butterfly my first try handyed it and I sewed it onto the front yoke to add colour and interest of the old world without spoiling too much of the cream. I stitched the same wide lace at the bottom of the dress making it very long and old world....She also has a petticoat, and hat to match the outfit and bootees to follow on order..

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