25 November 2011


After some 30 years in the Doll Industry I have decided to reduce my workload and sell most of my moulds.
Included in the moulds for sale will be MODERN DOLLS which include in most cases head, shoulder plates, arms and legs. Some of the dolls are the earliest dolls that were made for sale and competition.  These moulds include collectable modern dolls that started straight after French and German market fell and
the US market took over.

In offering these moulds for sale I would be most happy to assist the buyer in training to pour, clean, fire,paint and finish the doll.Further assistance can be given in dressing the dolls for sale or competition.

email direct:  info@nataschasdolls.com   natascharutherford@yahoo.com.au

06 November 2011




You can use it for a child to visit grandmas and lay on the floor on the quilt. You can go travelling and use it
anywhere in the car, going places, sitting on it, sleeping with it, resting on a lounge or chair putting it over you
when the air gets chilly.  A wonderful gift for a child at Xmas, birthdays and later an heirloom for their children. It will never date what child is not fascinated with Sea Creatures.  The quillo is an actual cot size large quillo that is why no extra pillow is needed to pad it up looking like a pillow. You can leave it as a deco feature on the lounge or chairs, take it in the car on trips, holidays or sit bub on the floor at grandmas house.  You can even use it to change bub?  Whatever the use a quillo is so practical.

First of all I will show pics of how I started and then finished!


I have been working very hard to put together some very special gift ideas for Xmas.

I have come up with a range of gifts that have been crafted by myself so that each item is a one off collectors item. The recipient of these items would I believe cherish them as a keepsake and would appreciate the thoughts behind the gift.

04 October 2011


I found embroidery panels from years ago that I made when I purchased my first computerised embroidery machine. So I decided to make a one-off quillo out of those panels.  The large clown on the front was
on the CD of embroideries that came with the machine software and all the small ones were blocks I created using my quilting software and embroidery machine. I looked into my stash of materials I had horded throughout the years to complete the project.
 Firstly I created a cot quilt out of the panels and material and then secondly turning it into a quillo to make it more appealing. I also made a pillow that is inserted into the quillo so that if you are going anywhere you have a pillow and a quilt. 

28 September 2011


At last the Barn is open for display and sales.The gardens have started to grow and we have put stones down to make it easier to park and walk to the barn. Tables and chairs are put out under umberellas and pot plants dotted here and there to give it a lovely ambience of the country life and spirit.

We offer refreshments of coffee and tea so that you can take your
time and enjoy the surrounds and the view of the farm as well as looking into the barn/studio. The gardens have grown and still improving after just one year and now this Christmas the second year they will be even better.

We will continue to improve the Barn and increase the items on display so that visitors can enjoy this unique experience.

The Barn is located just south of Macksville off the Highway, the address is 356 Browns Crossing Road, Eungai Creek. We open on weekends and holidays but would be happy to open other days on request...Group Bookings welcome...please phone 0412622640/0265693126....Look for our sign on the Highway South of Macksville..

27 September 2011

Just outside the main doors there is a garden with table and chairs
to sit down and look around the barn.  Refreshments are offered to
help you relax and enjoy the surrounds of the farm .  There will be more and more improvements made as time progresses. 

There will be more items for sale as we develop more products. Orders will be considered if the exact item is not on display and every effort will be made to complete the order to your satisfaction.

This picture is the side near the garden . There are small porcelain
dolls, bridedoll, cloth artdolls,  country rag dolls, gifts, doll houses, knitted dolls, hanging babbles, witches, fairies, dream catchers and bears all on top of the beams.

On the corner cabinet there are decor items for display in your home.

There are picture frames for all ocasions in the gift sections.

 In the next bay is the glass cabinet with a host of dolls.There are all sorts of dolls to look at the first section is the baby dolls, then there are fairies, all sorts of fairies, then the Art Cloth dolls with a dog looking on to see if they behave themselves and on the other side of the room Shay sits in a chair with Asian dolls all around her.  In addition there is a terracotta pot full of Australiana flowers and a cabinet with small miniature gifts affordable for that special someone.   There is something for everyone not just dolls or the likes a little of everything and more to come as we progress .  
We have porcelain doll moulds for sale as well for anybody wanting to start a hobby and we can teach people how to make that special doll.