19 August 2016


Been in queensland now for two years it's a lovely place to visit but not my lifestyle at this stage to live. Must admit I have learnt so much, not good putting things down and giving up, no I am getting ready to go back and do things much better. I love excitement in my life and moving forward, don't want to give it up and rest, go travelling and just laying around. No I am going to create life into an interesting tale.... Have been busy in perfecting my game, looking around at the creative or craft scene up here even the creative business made me go through all my things and even the website and such it all needs a lot of improvement ... so!

I made a quilt a certain size for a competition down south but when I received my pack I just wasn't happy. It just didn't do anything for me no Pizazz nothing, blimp.  I wasn't going to do blocks of any kind the rules were you had to use the blocks with just a colour to make it interesting...

So here is the first stage of my quilt I did like a window design and put a couple of sillouette cats, then embroidered some butterflies, it needs more I thought I didn't make the competition deadline and I would love to do something to get rid of it.. This is the first stage of my thinking!!!
This one is outside on a cloudy day

This one is on the kitchen table so you get the idea.................keep tuned still working on it needs quilting to pop it too... and a border I think I shall make a lap quilt out of it so it can have many uses, cot, sitting in a chair or lounge on a cold night .....

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