03 November 2016


I am doing too much and I am so far away from my Barn I want to go back desperately. Still have learnt a few things up here on the Sunshine Coast. I go for a drive to look at what's cooking here on the coast. I keep thinking things are just not the same anymore?  I like Xmas to have the look of Xmas I have all my Vintage decorations and stuff back at the Barn... I have sat down and made table settings all starting with a humble coaster ... I am not happy with the fabrics they have sold this year so I have used my old stash and kept it as simple as possible to begin with. I have not much room but at least here are some of the things I have done ready to sell,
 In this pic I have a large runner with whimsical Xmas Icons rather cute, six placemats to match with pockets which have your eating utensils, coasters to match and two oven gloves to match too, plain square ones. A whimsical angel to match have sitting nearby.. There are other coasters as well that you twist your wine glass into so when you have had too much you do not make a mess.
 These are cross stitched ornaments, like the vintage days, of classic santas.. then tinsel edging glued on with a hanger for the tree..
                                                                Classic Vintage Santas

                                                         "Green Pod Baby"
Baby in a Bauble

                                                             Xmas Handmade Display
                                                      4inch Vintage All Porcelain Babies
                                                          Whimsey Angel
More Whimsey Angels
I have started late I couldn't find a market or fair anywhere to display what I had done. I did join a group but you had to do what they wanted you to do. I work independently creating my own ideas. I love Xmas I guess going back to my childhood.... Please let me know if you are interested in any of the Xmas items they are for sale.......Or if you want to have a setting made it's very hard at the moment to show off the settings in their right order... I have moved so far away but soon I will be back to the Barn but at least I have made a start.....Xmas is a wonderful time ... Most of the stuff is easy to send or can be picked up.....

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