19 December 2015


Working on a client's doll she received as a present from a friend and asked me to finish dressing it......
Here she is as you can see the body is not the right size her head does not fit into the neck socket, her eyebrows are too high but still she can look rather sweet, she wouldn't be authentic but she still is a sweet doll you can dress and admire...beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and the Germans made dolls for the Toy Market not for fashions like the French....In the next pic her finger was broken so I put a piece of wire into it and created a finger this was roughly made and then sanded back to match the rest..her lower arms the paint crackled it was fine I just sanded it and matched it all up including the ball joints.  She had to be restrung elastic just doesn't wear years and years of hard weathering...                                                                                  e

new finger!

Crackled lower arm

ball joints



When finished her chamoise is sewn here pinned ready for the button holes hand sewn for authenticity..

Here I pinned the back for the darts where to go..

Here she is all done....

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