17 November 2015


I am dressing dolls that I believe if the person likes them to add a value! I find that in the way they were given to me there is very little value and in todays market there are so many different opinions. With the Internet today you can reach many more opinions to see if people agree or disagree... I never liked Antique dolls or dolls of the past especially if they were really preloved and looked very tired, some dirty and some not appealing!  Yet to the owners they were precious memories of the past they had. That to me is the definition of collectables... Why do people want to collect? I know from the past I walked into homes and sometimes I just couldn't take my eyes off some of the collectables...they intrigued, fascinated me...WHY? To-day I go visiting to many places and find that there is not much of the past very little indeed?  Where have these fascinating gorgeous things I have seen in the past gone?  I see modern things that I have no fascination or find that the saying Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder?  What beholder? seems more evident they disappear quicker and others have taken place sometimes appealing and sometimes I have no answer whatsoever???  I don't know so I will do things I see in my mind and with technology of today I will find the answers right where I am sitting typing this!
Here are the dolls the first on the left is My Doll and the far on the right is the same doll I will do up as I do mine. Her name is Mein Leibling she is a German K*R 117 . I will show the difference in the real Authenticity but then a modern point of view and love for them maybe like a coin collection a difference of value. Then the dark haired doll ceramic head and hands, with a cloth body, and a modern Asian made pretty little dolly.... not forgotten.I will try to make her as pleasing as I possibly can to me it's a form of Art not a play thing.. resembling the human form made by humans to enjoy!

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