04 January 2017

Have a couple of items for sale to Blog .... Farm sitting till daughter is finished with the By-pass.
till the time comes I am going to do the markets and Fairs advertising myself and letting people see what I am doing....
Dolls Sugar Britches with eyes open and Sugar Britches with eyes closed and Baby Gloria

Quillo for child to go to Grandmas overnight or travel with. It is appliqued with Funky Chickens.
Cot size large than a normal travelling quillo, but large enough for cot size or staying over wanting a sleep. Includes separate pillow and folds into a bag you can include your Pyjamas when you stay over. Handy too for an old Person in a home or sitting in a chair watching TV.. Very colourful and easy to wash....Sewn on machine and drawn (freemotioned) around the chickens...

 Quillo folded into a bag with pillow (Pyjamas) ready to travel/visit on overnight stays....
Sewn Collage, stamped, free-motioned, trims, applique, button, stappled to canvas frame....


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  3. I like the lettering a lot. Is that stamped?

  4. This is shelly, by the way. (How to Meditate for Real is the name of the first book I published)

  5. oh goodness have had some replies must work harder this at least is great good start