26 March 2015


How the year has flown by so fast nearly Easter cannot believe it, have been busy trying to do the mother thing and help with the grandies as much as I can... I came home with a real dose of the gastic virus which has slowed me down or should I say I lost a week of catching up my work???  I am working on a Wedding quilt for my youngest who is getting married in August and having a baby Boy .... I used to winge about having a boy and now they have taken over so as to say.... how cute!
Anyways I will upload the wedding quilt which I chose to be plain and in blue (I wonder why made the decision before I knew) also blue is a pleasant colour so I  thought for a bedroom and I wanted to pursue the quilt in the hoop technique ....with my new Pfaff Creative sensation...
 The Block which is cut 1/2" all around shows the main design and if you look at it you can see it is all done in the hoop. I like it plain and simple especially if is for a gift. The little flower pattern in the corners I chose cause I saw her put on a dress to see what she was going to wear going out!  I love the simple quilting in the background which I did with a soft blue embroidery thread not to overpower the whole quilt .... I have to do 122 of these blocks  then 22 of the border ones...........that's a lot of sewing!

These are how the blocks will form the whole pattern of the quilt when it is all finished.......

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