04 May 2014


Today is the 4th May very cold here on the Mid-North Coast the icy winds are blowing indeed plants are not confused  now winter is definitely here on its way...Here are pics of my projects I set myself to keep me busy and active making  my days worth my while.. My children say I am crazy to dig a hole and get rid of it and chill out.....well I am certainly doing that in this weather chilling out!

There is my first projects I have had in boxes for quite a while I cannot for the life of me throw them out it would be such a shame I thought I know the doll world has died but thinking about the work already and the costs involved would be such a waste like in this world today.... a throw away world...I  will work on them and put step by step photos...I have no choice sitting in this quiet place no-one around doing nothing ...

My purple Charming Boudouir doll I undressed her fixed her up especially her hat she looks and sits very well .... now for my new head I am experimenting with I want more real look so I put a fine layer of clay sculpting  her nose not the best but am learning I also gave her lips and painted her with a layer of gesso then painted her I drew in eyes and kept looking at her they were at first too small so I kept drawing and drawing till finally I can't draw no more and painted what I could this is the best result after months and months of drawing....now I will move on...

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