12 April 2014


I have been catching up on everything I can think of.....coming here with the weather slightly more extreme things have come a little tired I guess getting older you keep on the same thing and they just fade out in time...I have to change, have to modernise things and keep them to the taste and flavour of the era!  Crafting has really deteriorated to my point of view, I love going to the shows what is the go but in reality what comes into my mind is that I can do that....I just have to find the techniques and I
find that my computer or the net is just an awesome tool, I don't like the games people play I love my own games of creating something quite extraordinary...... I don't want to do what people around me do I want to be different so how do I go about it.......I have talent so where do I start.....

I have fired the kiln back up going through the boxes of unfinished dolls and such even the dolls that are left behind, look so tired, so behind the times, they have no colour they just don't look right so on the net I go for ideas, there is nothing to look at around here and the petrol makes it unrealistic, so I set out and here are some new ideas....
Daddy's Boy Old Vintage

Daddy's Boy modern

Aaron modern real 000 baby wear

Crying Colin baby wear 0000
Closeup of Modern Crying Colin

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