23 March 2010

Setting Up

These pics show that I am starting to dress these little girls ready for my display. They are groups of antique
Reproductions all bisk, or porcelain bodies. Only some have painted heads and bonnets, but I have to make wigs for a few the ones at the left hand are Millet Mein Leibling, and Sunflower with an ornate pram that I shall put in a miniature. But I thought I would start with smaller dolls and do them up in a theme.

You will notice the little Sunflower has already a crochetted outfit on a dress, coat, pantaloons and a
beret hat. Her shoes and socks are painted.

The Mein Leibling doll has shoes and socks already made and a hat to protect her hair so when I am dressing her the hair won't pull out.

The french doll in the top section at the end is A9T
Desire I was working on her a long time ago and have
decided to proceed and finish her off! More pics as I progress on with them.

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